Open Bar ( All members drink FREE of charge)
Hostess Cocktail 100 RON
Hostess Cigar (Choose a cigar from our varied assortment) 100 RON
Hostess “The Buddhist Signature Cigar” 100 RON
Hostess Asti Martini Champagne 400 RON
Hostess Moet 650 RON
Hostess Moet Rose Champagne 700 RON
Hostess Dom Perignon Champagne 1500 RON

The V.I.P Area

For a more relaxed and private environment, exactly the way you want it.

Access the V.I.P Area with one of our Hostesses
 Three Hostess Cocktails
 A bottle of Champagne


Do you want to get wild?

 Single Hostess Table Show 200 RON
 Double Hostess Table Show 400 RON